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As a leading machine shop in Lafayette, LA we specialize in fabricating, manufacturing, and repairing pump parts as well as gas compressor parts.  In addition, we also repair component parts for electric motors including end bells, housings, and fans, along with PTO clutches, air clutches, manifolds, cooler shafts, blower shafts, and idler shafts.

Reliable Machining and Fabrication Services

Reliable Machine Services, Inc. specializes in machine shop repairs, surface coatings of gas and air compressor parts as well as pump parts and so much more.  Our services include fabricating, manufacturing, welding, and repairing pump and gas compressor parts.  Let us handle all of your machine shop needs with our manual lathes, CNC lathes, grinding, manual milling and CNC milling services.  The owner of Reliable Machine Services, Ron Beasley, has over 36 years of experience in the machine shop business.  He started Reliable Machine Services, Inc. in 1990 wanting to provide quality machine services at an affordable price.  He has kept that tradition for the last 25 years.



  • Aluminum
  • High Nickel Alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Alloy Steels
  • Plastics
  • Bronze
  • Babbit
  • Cast Iron
Machining Services: Head with border and frame
Brian performs Machining Services
Grinder with border and frame
Chuck with border and frame
CNC machines

Repairing / Fabricating

We take pride in our repairing and/or fabricating expertise. We specialize in repair/fabrication of parts for gas compressors, reciprocating pumps, and centrifugal pumps. See a summary of our specialties for each machine below.

machining and fabrication equipment

Gas Compressors

Brands commonly repaired: Ariel • Ajax • Chicago Pneumatic • Clark • Gardner Denver • Joy • Knox Western • White Superior • Worthington

Parts Commonly Repaired Parts Commonly Fabricated
Compressor Rods Compressor Rods
Pistons (Custom) Pistons
Rider Bands (Brass) Rider Bands (Teflon)
Variable Volume Pockets Piston Rings
Packing Glands Connecting Rod Bushings
Crossheads (re-babbit) Packing Glands
Cylinders Specialty Tools such as:
Connecting Rods Entering Sleeves
 Compressor Rods (Straightening) Seal Installers
Compressor Valves Cam Bushing Installers



Centrifugal Pumps

Brands commonly repaired:

Bingham • Dean Brothers • Gorman Pupp • Goulds • Griswold •

Ingersol-Rand • Mission • Union • Worthington

Parts Commonly Repaired Parts Commonly Fabricated
Pump Shafts Pump Shafts
Shaft Sleeves Wear Sleeves
Pump Housings Shaft Sleeves
Stuffing Boxes
Electric Motor End Bells & Rotors
machine shop capabilities: fluid end
machine shop capabilities: stuffing box
machine shop capabilities: reworked valves

Reciprocating Pumps

Brands commonly repaired:

Ajax • Gardner Denver • Gaso • Ingersol-Rand •

Kerr • National • Union • Wheatley

Parts Commonly Repaired Parts Commonly Fabricated
Plungers Plungers
Pony Rods Pony Rods
Stuffing Boxes Brass Packing
Fluid Ends Wrist Pin Bushings
Valve Pockets Stuffing Boxes
Crankshafts Valve Pullers
Connecting Rod Pin Areas PTO Shafts
PTO Clutch Plates, Shafts & Housings